The Ideal Candidate
The PVPC’s Executive Director must be a dedicated and effective leader with an exceptional ability to coordinate the agency’s planning, project implementation, communications and operational activities. The ideal candidate should be collaborative, flexible, future-focused, fiscally prudent and politically savvy yet apolitical in carrying out the duties of the position. The Executive Director must be proactive and a forthcoming, skilled and honest communicator who can anticipate and respond to issues, concerns and opportunities facing the agency and/or the planning region at large. He/she must have substantial knowledge of federal, state and local politics coupled with practical, hands-on work experience affecting policy development and plan implementation.

Candidates must be capable of maintaining PVPC’s position as a regional leader as well as managing internal and external change, encouraging member cities and towns to be aware of and engaged in meeting the region’s needs. Moreover, candidates should possess the ability to thoughtfully analyze situations, identify and present alternative solutions, anticipate the consequences of proposed actions and implement recommendations in concert with the Commission and its staff. The candidate must be proficient at allocating limited resources in a timely and cost-effective manner. The candidate must be able to travel as needed on behalf of the PVPC.

It is expected that the PVPC’s Executive Director will attend and participate at relevant national conferences and programs of the National Association of Regional Councils (NARC), National Association of Development Organizations (NADO) and American Planning Association (APA), among others.

The ideal candidate will be self-motivated and visionary with an entrepreneurial spirit that can help sustain the Commission, maintain its relevance, and provide needed services to its 43 member communities operating in a dynamic and ever-changing environment. In addition, the ideal candidate will be an open, inclusive and thoughtful organizational manager who strives to empower the agency’s staff to attain maximum effectiveness and creativity such that the PVPC can continue to attract and retain highly skilled and talented staff who are likewise fully committed to the agency’s core mission.

Once selected, the successful candidate must commit to living within the Pioneer Valley, or broader western Massachusetts area, within 15 months of employment.


Pioneer Valley Planning Commission
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