The Organization
The governing board of the PVPC is comprised of designated representatives from the Pioneer Valley region’s 43 member cities and towns with these Commissioners drawn from the membership of local planning boards. In addition, an Alternate Commissioner is appointed by the chief elected official of each PVPC member community. The full Commission typically meets five times per year between September and June, mostly at two established meeting venues in Springfield and Hadley, Massachusetts.

While the full Commission is responsible for major policy issues and decisions, day-to-day oversite of PVPC functions and activities is delegated to a 9 member Executive Committee that includes the Commission’s 5 officers and 4 members elected at large. The Executive Committee normally meets on a monthly basis except in those instances when there is insufficient business for the Committee to take up as well as in July when a short summer recess is typically observed.

Pioneer Valley Planning Commission
60 Congress Street – Floor 1
Springfield, MA 01104
413 • 781• 6045